Welcome to Advance Motorcycles Wholesale. Site of NZs largest quality used bike stock.

Run by Tony Knol and Andy Crichton and based in Dunedin, Advance Motorcycles Wholesale is the sister company to Advance Imports, which has seen Peter Aitken importing from USA, Italy and Asia for almost 20 years.

Advance Imports does the world-wide buying, coordinating and delivering stock to NZ. Advance Wholesale does the marketing and distribution. Simple.

Advance Motorcycles Wholesale

We are quite clear that we are wholesalers, and have distinctive points of difference.

There are five.

(1)Size (2)Scale (3)Experience (4)Price point (5)Exclusivity.

(1) Size. We have the largest imported motorcycle stock in NZ.

There are 400 motorcycles already in our warehouse in Dunedin. We have a container of bikes arriving every 2-3 weeks. Other NZ wholesalers stock just 20-40 bikes.

(2) Scale. We purchase by the container load ( 25-30 bikes). And lots of them.

(3) Experience. Peter Aitken has been importing from Japan, USA and Europe for almost 20 years. Tony and Andy have had life long experience in riding, racing, restoring, crashing and even occasionally selling motorcycles. Bikes are our passion. We do this because we love bikes.

(4) Price Point. We have a low cost “shorts and t shirts” business model. Warehouse only. No expensive retail premises. Low margins on each bike. We have a Toyota Hiace van, not a BMW as a company vehicle. And maybe you’ve heard the compressor running from our open plan office/ workshop! That means you get the bikes at the best possible prices, allowing you to buy specific fast moving stock, instead of having to put up with over priced trade-ins!

(5) Exclusivity. We sell exclusively to motorcycle dealers. We don’t sell on Trade Me. We don’t sell on Bikepoint. And we don’t sell to the public. It would seem we are missing many sales this way. We may be. However…this gives us a point of difference. And means you get access to the best bikes.

Other “wholesalers” offer to the public. You can see them on TradeMe. This means dealers are often cut out of the loop, and annoyed at having to compete this way. This is backed up from the feedback we get from dealers. We sell bikes only to Dealers. And that means we don’t have to be listed in the local phone book or have signage on our buildings.

(6) I know, I said there was just 5, but….We are in expansion mode, and intend to be very competitive. Stay tuned! Our dealer only- password protected web site is Stage 1.

We dont intend to approach every dealer in every region. We want to build long term relationships with one dealer of choice in each region.

We also provide a subsidised freight deal, whereby when you buy 3 bikes or more, we subsidise the cost. Not only are the bikes cheap we help get them to you too! A dedicated bike-moving truck calls in each week to us.

Do feel free to call or email for info on the bikes you would like to know about, and how you can access NZs biggest stock of quality used bikes.

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